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Why Digital Content is Still A Challenge in Some Client-Agency Relationships

by Meghan McDonnell, Thursday, February 15, 2018

If someone had told me I’d be writing about agencies struggling with digital channels in 2018, I’m not sure I would’ve believed them. Digital isn’t new anymore. Most agencies have figured it out. But when asked why clients are looking for new agencies, one of the reasons is digital content.


Celebrating 30 Years

by Judy Neer, Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Friends of Pile,

2017 marked Pile and Company’s 30th anniversary and we’re taking a quick look back at our early days, the growth of our team, and our '80s haircuts!


Tips for Presenting Creative in an Agency Pitch

by Meghan McDonnell, Thursday, October 12, 2017

In one of our recent creative reviews, a finalist agency took great care in walking the client through their customer’s brand journey. They meticulously outlined how the brand would meet the customer “where they are.” They mapped out every channel. They showed scores of executions. And when the client ultimately chose another shop, one of the reasons they cited was that the agency’s thinking “felt small.”

So, what went wrong?


Why Every Marketer Needs a Media Specialist

by Meghan McDonnell, Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Between P&G issuing ultimatums around digital media, transparency and accountability and the one-year anniversary of the ANA Media Transparency Report, every client is now asking:

Can I trust my media agency? Are they recommending the right channels? Am I getting what I paid for? How are we measuring success? Is anyone seeing my ad? 


Pile Turns 30

by Judy Neer, Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Friends of Pile,

It’s amazing how fast 30 years go by.

I’ll admit that when my friends Skip Pile and Rick Hooker left the agency world to start their own company 30 years ago, I was impressed. In 1987, Pile and Company began with a focus on the business side of advertising, but quickly pivoted to the (at the time) young, niche industry we would ultimately become known for—agency search consulting.

When I joined nine years later, Pile was making great inroads in the New England market. Not only was our agency search business flourishing, but we had opened a freelance creative staffing division, Communications Collaborative, which is still thriving today as a full-time and freelance staffing resource for in-house agency and marketing clients. 


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