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Are Holding Companies Important in Agency Reviews?

by Meghan McDonnell, Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Believe it or not, we’re asked quite often about whether or not holding companies are important to clients in a review process.

The truth is many clients ask about, but don't really consider, the holding company when selecting a new agency partner.

In the creative reviews we manage, we go to individual agencies when building and recommending our list of agencies—not the holding company.

For media, it’s a little different. In many cases, there is less competition between holding company agencies, and as such, the holding company will often pick only one to go after the business.

The bottom line is that the holding company doesn’t matter as much to clients as some agencies might think. Put forth your best individual agency solutions and you will, in turn, put your best foot forward in a review.

Why A Change In Agency Leadership Doesn't Always Mean Trouble Ahead

by Judy Neer, Thursday, March 26, 2015

I recently attended the 4A’s Management Practitioners Forum, and one of the panels focused on how agencies develop senior management teams and handle leadership succession. It reminded me of a dynamic that we often observe between clients and agencies when agency turnover, particularly at the highest levels, occurs. 

Many times the press will pick up on a change in senior leadership and clients will go into panic mode— assuming that this means the agency is in flux and a sign of trouble ahead. However, what we’ve found, and what was echoed in the panel, is that while senior turnover can often be interpreted as an agency shake-up, more often than not, it’s actually an artfully orchestrated succession plan. 

So what can agencies and clients do to avoid undue panic when a new agency leader takes the reins…seemingly out of nowhere? 


Looking to Hire? Know Your Audience.

by Pile and Company, Thursday, March 12, 2015

Vice President, Eric Gendron, who leads our full-time and freelance staffing services, weighs in this week on what job-seeking marketing and creative professionals want at the entry, mid and senior levels of their careers.

Check it out on the IHAF blog.

Three Questions with Christine

by Pile and Company, Thursday, February 26, 2015

In our discussions with clients and agencies, “responsiveness” is a theme that comes up…a lot. Are we reacting to consumers’ needs as quickly as we can? How can we be more nimble? How can we have an Oreo/Super Bowl moment?

In order for clients to respond in real time to consumers’ needs, they should have the right tools and processes in place. Christine Hickey, Senior Consultant, Agency Performance Evaluation, shares what clients are doing to improve responsiveness both internally and externally.


#Irony #Boston #MakeItStop

by Pile and Company, Thursday, February 19, 2015

Photo via Emily Foster 

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