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In-House and External Agency Collaboration

by Pile and Company,Thursday, July 17, 2014

In case you missed it, Ad Age has a great article this week on how internal and external agencies can foster collaboration, particularly as the roles of both entities evolve and blur. And the article's tips are very much in line with what our division, the In-House Agency Forum (IHAF), is all about. 

IHAF is an association for in-house agencies, but also offers membership to external agencies looking to collaborate (rather than compete) with internal teams. As IHAF members, agencies stay informed on in-house trends and topics, as well as, gain access to tools and insights that promote internal/external partnerships.

So, if you are an external agency or work with one, check out or call Kate O'Callaghan at 617.587.3901 for more info.

Red Lobster Names Publicis Kaplan Thaler Creative Agency

by Pile and Company,Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Congratulations to Publicis Kaplan Thaler and our client Red Lobster on their new partnership. Looking forward to seeing great work!

Read more here


by Pile and Company,Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We're not entirely sure if it's the awards or the parties that draw the industry elite to Cannes year after year, but one aspect that's rarely discussed is the panels and forums. This year, Agency RPA shared a survey they conducted with USA Today that addressed the trust (or lack thereof) between agencies and clients and its impact on creativity. 

With the intent to "strip down" the barriers, the "Naked Truth" survey highlights problem areas between the two parties and where major discrepancies lie. The full results include a four-point plan for improving these relationships moving forward, including recommendations around practicing the art of business in addition to the art of advertising. Check out the recap infographic here. 

Any thoughts on #getnakedatcannes? What's your recommendation for improving client-agency relationships? 

Ashley Furniture HomeStores and McCann

by Pile and Company,Friday, June 13, 2014

Congratulations to our client Ashley Furniture HomeStores and their new agency partner McCann. Read more about the agency search here.

The FIFA World Cup

by Tracey Leffler,Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gracing us with its presence every four years, the World Cup is back with its uncanny ability to turn even the most unlikely supporter into a crazed soccer enthusiast. Advertisers clamor for a piece of its broad audience. And the resulting campaigns and sponsorships feature a wealth of innovative ads and branded content. 

Adidas has shown up in a big way. Not only does the brand have their name all over the game ball, but they have launched several campaigns featuring former and current players. Always looking to stretch their sponsorship as far as it will go, they've also teamed up with Google. Consumers will be served unique digital ads that will take them to a microsite where they will answer trivia questions, explore World Cup event venues via digital maps and win prizes. 

For the second World Cup in a row, Coke has blended the voices of fans across the globe to create a unified anthem. Coke has said that the World Cup is their biggest marketing push, surpassing the Olympics, and they look to do a lot with their marketing dollars. 

These are just two examples of brands' World Cup activation. Any other brands we should be watching?

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