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What Would You Do If You Were Publicis?

by Judy Neer, Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The trade publications are full of stories about what happened last week when GM’s new marketing chief, Joel Ewanick, pulled the newly awarded business from Publicis and gave it to Goodby Silverstein and Partners.  I know my initial reaction was one of surprise and empathy for Publicis. Not only were people’s jobs going to be impacted and agency income cut, but the reported insensitivity and lack of professionalism of how it was done must have stung.

In talking about it with the Pile team, we all agreed that Joel had every right to make the move.  After all, isn’t that what all agencies hope for?  A good CMO they work with leaves a company, moves to another one and “gives” them the business.  The agency doesn’t have to pitch or spend any effort winning the account.  This is a relationship and people business.  At Pile we look to our past clients to do the same and thankfully we have a very high rate of working with clients multiple times.

But the real travesty here is not that Joel Ewanick moved the business. If we can believe what is reported , it is how he did it.  Never returning the multiple calls that were made to him when he arrived, to say nothing of even thinking about reaching out to the agency and giving them a head’s up.  To me this is endemic of the lack of professionalism we often see out there.  People don’t return calls, particularly after time and money had been spent.  There is a general lack of consideration for what the impact of a given decision will be on others. 

That is not acceptable at Pile and Company.  We get calls from hundreds of agencies, either inquiring about a specific review or just wanting us to know who they are.  My request of everyone on the team is to reply and do it with professionalism and thoughtfulness.  If only everyone in business could do the same.

I am sorry for all at Publicis and hope for some really great things to happen to them as a result of this change.


An Exciting Annoucement from Agency ComPile!

by Judy Neer, Thursday, May 06, 2010

We have an exciting announcement from Agency ComPile! The new Agency Compile enhanced by Marketing Mine website has launched!

Marketing Mine and Agency ComPile have formed a joint venture creating the most useful directory of advertising agencies and marketing services firms on the Web. The new site has an exclusive area for marketers and another reserved for agencies, service providers, media, students and other users. The marketer-only area is known as Marketing Mine, which provides marketers access to a powerful, information-rich, relational database, allowing them to research and compare agencies, services provided and creative portfolios.  The other area is known as Agency ComPile and is accessible to agencies, service providers and other users.  ComPile provides key, basic information about agencies: name, location, agency overview/mission, agency capabilities, number of employees and client list.

Marketing Mine will help corporate marketers make sense of the marketing communications landscape. They will now have tools available to conduct customized searches using intuitive selection criteria, create short lists of potential agency partners, analyze and compare agencies relative to capabilities, see creative work samples and client reviews, and connect with agencies. 

“Marketing Mine is unique in its offering of an online resource where marketers can uncover, evaluate and connect with potential marketing services providers,” said Jamie Bloomquist, Director of Marketing for Marketing Mine. “Our partnership with Agency ComPile expands that access to include thousands of advertising agencies and an extensive library of creative material.”

“We always strive to give agencies listed in ComPile maximum exposure to companies that may be interested in their services, says Steve Dicheck, Manager of Agency ComPile. Joining forces with Marketing Mine allows us to take another major step in that direction”.

Check it out!


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