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Super Bowl Favorites

by Pile and Company, Monday, February 02, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday was a big night for Boston-based Pile. However the Patriots' victory over the Seahawks hasn't been our only point of discussion. As we mentioned last week, the team here gets really excited about the spots.  

After taking an interoffice poll, we found that our team disagreed with the USA Today Ad Meter top spot. USA Today reported that Lost Dog was the biggest commercial hit of the game. Although Lost Dog received a number votes, Like a Girl was the clear Pile favorite.  

See all the spots and the USA Today rankings here

How Big Is The Big Idea?

by Meghan McDonnell, Monday, January 26, 2015

An interesting POV came up in one of my meetings last week. An agency shared that they no longer say "the big idea" to refer to the crux of a concept. Their feeling was that big ideas don't have to be "big" anymore. A new logo, a change to packaging, a digital video-- while tactically small-- have all constituted big ideas that drove business results for their clients.

Is there merit in abandoning the term "the big idea" and replacing it with something that encompasses all big idea tactics? Or can we keep the term as long as our definition evolves with changing media and mindsets? 

We've been in hundreds of agency presentations, and quite honestly, the term takes on a number of variations. From our perspective, it may be less about agreeing to the term itself and more about acknowledging that a big idea doesn't always have to be "big." A series of small ideas that drive better results can be just as effective.

Infographic: A Year In Reviews

by Pile and Company, Thursday, December 11, 2014

Social Media: Complicating the Lives of Celebrity Endorsers Everywhere

by Tracey Leffler, Thursday, December 04, 2014

Using a public figure as the face of a brand has always been risky. And today, thanks to social media and the camera phone, it's more of a gamble than ever before.

AdWeek asserts that the athlete endorsement has changed drastically since the glory days of Michael Jordan and Arnold Palmer. With consumers' ability to share media, the activities of a celebrity endorser are anything but private. Today, if a Disney Channel tween is caught drinking in public – it’s almost inevitable that a picture will be front and center on TMZ. The private lives of celebrities, and as such celebrity endorsers, have become a moving target. 

Does this mean the celebrity spokesperson is headed toward extinction? Absolutely not. However, the weight placed on celebrity endorsers may shift. Brands may be more cautious to sign on a singular brand spokesperson, and may be less reticent to cut them loose.

Time for The Caseys?

by Pile and Company, Wednesday, November 05, 2014

As with many aspects of our industry, the agency case study has morphed over the years. Now more than ever before, the case study takes the shape of a highly-produced video complete with entertaining music, impressive results and a polished voiceover.

Taking note of this, Canadian agency, Rethink Communications, suggests that it is perhaps time for a video case study award show. Perhaps it's time for The Caseys.

Take a look at their amusing parody tribute to the case study. 

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