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What The Kids Are Calling "AR"

by Communications Collaborative, Thursday, January 24, 2013

Remember when User Interface, Social Media and Gamification entered the advertising lexicon? They were bright, shiny concepts that felt futuristic and far-reaching when discussed in conference rooms ten years ago. Of course, today, they are the buzzwords and staples of the marketing communications industry.

So, it’s 2013 and you may be asking, what’s next?

Enter: Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality, or AR as the kids are calling it, takes images from your everyday life, captured through your PC or Smartphone, and allows you to create an overlaid, interactive layer of virtual advertising onto those pictures via platforms like Blippar or Aurasma.

For instance, when we see the digital first-down line placed over the field during an NFL football game, we’re viewing an AR experience. This technology is currently being used to enhance billboards, magazines, packaging, and even clothing apparel. It may be a part of your organization's marketing mix. Companies like Starbucks, Coca Cola, and BMW are creating rich interactive customer experiences with AR on a global scale right now. Data from ABI Research predicts an Augmented Reality U.S. market of over $300M by 2015.

And the same technology that is enriching next-level marketing can also change the way candidates interact with potential employers. Imagine seeing an ad for a company and using an app like Blippar to reveal hidden content like job descriptions and branded video. Likewise, companies will be looking for candidates with the skills to execute AR initiatives.

At Communications Collaborative, we focus solely on marketing communications staffing, enabling us to stay in step with marketing and advertising’s changing landscape. And whether it’s AR or the next technology that will change the way companies and consumers interact, we make it our business to know where you're going and the people who will help you get there.

Dave Gogel is a Business Development Manager for Communications Collaborative, the freelance and full-time staffing division of Pile and Company. If you are looking for marketing and advertising talent, please contact Dave at 617.587.3936 or visit

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